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Just a week after the leading broadcast, satellite and digital media event CABSAT 2017 Dubai World Trade Centre will open its doors for another remarkable exhibition named GITEX Shopper. The region’s biggest consumer electronics event that takes place twice a year will as usual gather top retailers and world class brands of IT, consumer electronics, leisure & lifestyle, office automation, gaming & entertainment, domestic appliances and home. Past exhibitors included leading brands and power retailers such as Acer, Bose, Canon, HP, Hisense, Huawei, Jumbo, Lenovo, Nikon, Obi, One Mobile, Oppo, Plug Ins, Samsung, Toshiba and much more.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is an important business phenomenon, especially in business spheres connected with IT and innovations. August 2016 was rich in companies’ acquisitions. Let us introduce you a list of fifteen companies which have acquired businesses last August. The list is drawn up in date order.

Nowadays many companies whose business is far distant from informational technologies consider IT-services as a black hole swallowing big and small sums of money for software and services which very often seems unnecessary and ineffective for their top executives. The problem is quite widespread, so the question is how could this attitude be changed and what instrument should be used to solve the issue. And the answer is - a transparent software asset management.

Those times when the UAE was considered just a touristic attraction are already history, as, over the past years, it turned into a leading regional hub for IT and telecommunication trade, thanks to its position as an excellent platform for top tier tech companies from all over the world. After all, the numerous global technology-oriented events that were organized here are the best proof of the country’s progress!

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Adobe saying goodbye to Flash

Adobe urged web developers to leave behind the use of Flash and switch to such modern web standards as HTML5. In its official blog, the company pointed the importance of HTML5 and moving away from the Flash platform, which can be successfully replaced by a new standard. The title Flash will also be changed  to Animate CC in the Flash Professional CC flagship product, and it will become the key product for creating the contests of HTML5.

It should be mentioned that we are not talking here about the cessation of Flash Player support  for popular Web browsers - the company will continue supporting it. It's all about Flash as the technology and about efforts to encourage the developers for transition to a modern platform HTML5, which now be also supported by Adobe. Flash Player itself  is well-known for a huge number of vulnerabilities, exploits for which are being constantly used by attackers to install malware.

Adobe states that Flash is still running a large number of games and a variety of web applications, so it will need to interact with key IT-players for supporting an adequate level of user security. Particularly, according to Facebook, which contains a sufficient amount of Flash content, it must be said that the company is not going to leave f-users to their fate. Adobe will no longer add any new features to Flash Player, but will only focus on maintaining its security.

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