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India is becoming a bigger, more important market every day, and now it's getting its own trade show from the brains behind Mobile World Congress.

When you think about the dentist, you're probably not thinking about high tech gadgets - at the most, you're probably thinking about those fancy chairs, and those fearsome drills and other instruments of terror. But it turns out that dental labs and dental hospitals are picking up on one of the most exciting areas in technology today - 3D printing.

Although medical 3D printing does exist, don't get too excited here - these printers don't print out a replacement tooth for you on demand, or anything like that. That's in the pipeline, but right now, the printers are used to fabricate stone models quickly and accurately - the models can then be used to plan your procedure.

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Apple Inc could open its first stores in India and might eventually start manufacturing in the country under new foreign investment rules for retailers outlined on Monday.

The new rules exempt foreign retailers for three years from a requirement to source 30 percent of the goods sold in company-owned stores locally.

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How Does Whatsapp Plan to Dominate All Other Communication Platforms?

Reports from New York reveal that a new video calling feature is already under testing stage for iOS version of WhatsApp. And with the addition of a video calling facility, Whatsapp plans to become an all-rounded video chat application and the best in the business.

WhatsApp as such has more than 900 million active users. Although, other service providers such as Skype from Microsoft and Google Hangouts are pretty ahead in terms of video calling and voice calling, WhatsApp decides to take up the challenge of pleasing its users as much as the others do.

There are also rumors of a 'multi-tab user interface' option being introduced, with which, the users will be allowed to switch from chat to chat without having to go back to the main chat screen each time. According to images from various internet sources, the multiple chat tabs will enable the users to also switch between the rear and the front camera.

Macerkopf, a German site, has put forward a few screenshots revealing the video chat icon added in WhatsApp. The appearance reveals that it is the beta version which is under testing. While the finalized version may be rolled out in a few weeks according to sources, no official announcement about the same has yet been made by the WhatsApp team. Sources show that the options included on a video calling screen will be to mute a call, switch between the cameras and so on.

Although, Whatsapp's voice calling feature has long lost its importance in India, due to the limitations that it posed such as those of lack of clarity even on 3G network, Whatsapp is trying it’s best to be back on the game by providing the best communication features.