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by Paulite
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The app market is bigger than it's ever been and, while it seems there's a lean towards free apps as opposed to paid-for products, there's still plenty of money to be made in the market. 

We'll come into this article assuming you have a little pre-existing knowledge of coding and can work your way around a portable language like Xcode or Unity – it's a little outside our scope to teach you how to program the things.

Instead, we're looking at ways you can exploit your skills, get yourself in the right places, and bring in some cash from the potentially lucrative handheld software market.

by Matar Khalifa
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It’s raining.’ ‘It’s cold.’ ‘The duvet is too heavy.’ ‘I’ve got to be at work early.’ ‘I must stay late at the office.’ ‘I’d rather have a drink…’ 

Any of these gym-avoiding excuses sound familiar? Well, thanks to a combination of smartphone convenience and the latest sports science, you can skip paying a fortune to workout somewhere and get the same results in your own home.

Research shows you can achieve more progress in a mere 15 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) - done three times a week – than hitting the treadmill for an hour. 

Korg has announced an iOS version of the classic ARP Odyssey synthesizer. Earlier this year, Moog released a $30 app that brought the legendary Model 15 to the iPad. Korg is now introducing another synth app – ARP ODYSSEi app that is a mobile version of the 1972 iconic ARP Odyssey with the same technology used in its Legacy Collection of software synths.

by AnandaAnatoly
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Prefer video calls over voice? Is WhatsApp your favorite way to keep in touch? Then we've got good news for you.

The billion-user chat app is pushing video calls live in its Android app, as spotted by Android Police. 

There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the roll out - some users are getting it in recent beta versions while others aren't. Updating the app doesn't manifest the video chat function, and if the person on the other end doesn't have it enabled, they'll just see a voice call. 

by Smartmon
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Microsoft, as expected, at its 'What's next for Windows 10' event on Wednesday in New York made several announcements such as unveiling a new Surface Studio all-in-one, an upgraded Surface Book, and a new release called Windows 10 Creators Update. The Redmond giant at the event also announced a new version of the Paint app which was long-rumoured to get an update. The company says that Paint 3D app is part of its "vision for bringing 3D to everyone," something it began with the HoloLens.

by ALI
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Allo allo - what's all this about? It's Google's brand new messaging app, built to take on the likes of WhatsApp and iMessage and offer a more personal, mobile-first experience than that old, creaking Hangouts app does.

What's more, it comes with the brand new Google Assistant, which is (as far as we can tell right now) a sort of rebranded, friendlier version of Google Now. Even if you've got no friends to chat to, you can talk to Google instead.

by Amanda's
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Internet search giant Google on Wednesday announced the launch of Google Allo -- a new smart messaging app that helps users make plans, find information as well as express with ease, all within the chat.

Packed with innovative features including smart reply, options for sharing photos, emojis and stickers, Google Allo makes it easier for users to respond quickly and keep the conversation moving, even when one is on the go.

by محمد جمعة
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خلال مؤتمرها I/O الذي عقد العام الماضي كشفت جوجل النقاب عن تطبيقين المحادثة الأول هو Duo الذي يركز على محادثات الفيديو بشكل أساسي وأطلق على كل من منصتي اندرويد و iOS منذ شهر تقريباً.

أما الثاني فهو تطبيق Allo الذي وفقاً لتقرير نشره المسرب الشهير ايفان بلاس سيصل إلى المستخدمين نهاية الأسبوع الحالي، ولسوء الحظ فإن المعلومات التي نشرها بلاس لا تزال ضئيلة في الوقت الحالي دون أن يتم ذكر موعد دقيق لإطلاق هذا التطبيق رغم وجود بعض الشائعات التي تلمح إلى إمكانية إطلاقه في 21 أيلول/سبتمبر.

على أي حال فإنه لن يتوجب علينا الانتظار لوقت طويل قبل أن نرى هذا التطبيق، ومن الجدير بالذكر أن هذا التطبيق سيرتبط مع رقم الهاتف الخاص بالمستخدم وليس بحسابهم على جوجل الأمر الذي يضعه في منافسة مباشرة مع تطبيقات مثل iMessage وواتس اب والعديد من التطبيقات الأخرى المشابهة.

وسواء كان السوق مليئاً بالتطبيقات المشابهة ل Allo أم لا وسواء كان قادراً على المنافسة أم لا كل ذلك سيتبين لنا بعد بضعة أيام.

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While studies emerged previously about how Pokemon GO was actually beneficial for mental health, as it forced more people to go outside and to interact with other people and get over their social anxieties, a new argument suggests that Pokemon GO is actually messing up our brains.

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Artists, put down your brushes. It's time to step into the world of virtual reality.

Google has unveiled Tilt Brush, its new app set to revolutionize the definition of painting and push the boundaries of what it can represent.

With the swipe of a digital brush users wearing a connected HTC Vive headset can paint life-sized, three dimensional strokes of just about anything -- even drawing with impossible materials such as fire, snow and stars.