HI-TECH NEWS with #bacteria hashtag

by Amanda's
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Dutch designer Teresa van Dongen has unveiled a fascinating LED pendant lamp that is powered by living, electrochemically-active bacteria. Called “Spark of Light,” this lamp builds on van Dongen’s previous work harnessing bioluminescent bacteria. The lamp is completely self-contained, and can operate without a plug or batteries. However, the organisms within do need to be fed to continue producing light.

“Wash your hands before you eat”, “wash your hands after using the bathroom”, “wash your hands after playing outside” – all these phrases are commonly used by our thoughtful parents and they’re familiar for us from the childhood. We’re surrounded by all conceivable and inconceivable pathogens since birth. People strive against and live cheek by jowl with them at the same time. In fact, if a person grows in an isolated community or under sterile conditions, he or she won’t be able to resist to such new threats as harmful microorganisms. Even the attendance of kindergarden can be not only a social integration of a child but also a kind of preparation for future diseases. There’re some good examples of the isolation “side effects” in the history. One of them is a story of the American Indians. They were not ready for the ailments that came to the continent with the European colonizers and a common cold mowed them down as a severe flu.