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As usual in the beginning of the month we acquaint you with world top M&A deals in IT. Here is our list of November deals. The first company is an acquirer and the second one is the acquired company.

Last month we’ve published an article about remarkable M&As of August 2016. This September world-known companies were rather active in acquisitions, too. Here is a list of the freshest M&A transactions.

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Apple, the tech company, is negotiating with McLaren, the car manufacturer, according to the Financial Times. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. These negotiations have been ongoing for months and could lead to an acquisition, or at least a strategic investment.

More precisely, Apple is talking with McLaren Technology Group, the parent company of all things McLaren, including McLaren Automotive.

Samsung has announced it's selling off its printer business to HP for $1.05 billionHP saysit wants to use the purchase to "disrupt and reinvent" the $55 billion copier industry, which "hasn’t innovated in decades."

The way we thought of apps back in 2008 is how we’ll view artificial intelligence five years from now; 2016 will look like the AI stone age.

Although apps have created completely new behaviors, especially in the fintech space with mobile banking and shared payments, the app economy, unfortunately, seems to be reaching a peak, and monetizing an app has become an uphill battle.

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A new report out this morning from analysts at eMarketer is forecasting explosive growth for Snapchat’s ad revenue by next year. The firm estimates the mobile social application will generate $366.69 million in 2016, but that figure will grow to $935.46 million by 2017 – a jump it attributes to Snapchat’s ability to reach younger millennials, a wider ad portfolio, and ad targeting improvements.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is an important business phenomenon, especially in business spheres connected with IT and innovations. August 2016 was rich in companies’ acquisitions. Let us introduce you a list of fifteen companies which have acquired businesses last August. The list is drawn up in date order.

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Jon Miller is hoping lightning can strike twice in the marketing space.

After the success of his previous marketing automation company, Marketo, Miller is returning to the world of targeted marketing tools with Engagio, which just raised $22 million in its latest round of funding.

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Gift-giving platform Joi from UAE has received investment from 500 Startups. The plan of the investments is rather ambitious – to make Joi the ultimate online gifting platform in the region.

While the amount of the investment is undisclosed, the representative of 500 Startups confirmed that typical individual investments range between $50,000 to $100,000.

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