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Uber is known for having a corporate culture that reveres aggressive attitudes and stepping on toes. CEO Travis Kalanick appears to also bring that same credo to his interactions with drivers.

In a dashboard video, published by Bloomberg on Tuesday, Kalanick is shown arguing with his driver over fares. The argument gets heated and ends with Kalanick telling the driver to stop blaming Uber for his problems.

Carvana started as a way to buy cars online. Ernie Garcia, Carvana's CEO, wanted to take the hassle out of haggling prices and signing paperwork. And he also hoped to shave a little off the cars' prices as well. So, like any good entrepreneur, he looked toward the Internet and automation, which led to them creating a car vending machine. The facility opened on Thursday in Nashville, Tennessee.

Car companies are constantly devising new ways to entice parents to buy their vehicles — but that usually means installing features like a built-in entertainment system or remote-controlled doors. Volvo has gone several steps further with its radical concept for child seat positioning in the upcoming XC90 plug-in hybrid sport utility vehicle. The “Excellence Child Seat Concept” replaces the front passenger bucket seat with a versatile child seat, something dramatically different than what we’re used to seeing in a family car. We think it’s pretty cool, but we have some major reservations about the concept, too.

Mercedes-Benz has built its share of high-tech luxury concept cars over the years, but now it’s applying the latest technology to a different type of vehicle.

The Mercedes-Benz Vision Van aims to show how automotive-tech buzzwords like connectivity and electric powertrains can be applied to commercial vehicles. It’s part of a new strategy called adVANce, through which Mercedes hopes to become not just a vehicle manufacturer, but a purveyor of “holistic system solutions.” It looks like the humble delivery van is about to get a lot more complicated.

If  you live in suburbia and have a long commute to work, wouldn’t it be nice to have your own plane? But, oh yeah, you need a runway and your kids and the neighbor’s kids are always leaving things in the yards and in the streets. What you really need is maybe a helicopter, but they’re harder to fly and so noisy the neighbors won’t be happy (not to mention the FAA and your town zoning board).

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Autonomous vehicles like those being tested by Google, Uber, and major automakers rely on 3-D maps that record the position of curbstones and traffic lights with high accuracy. The maps are usually created by driving around in vehicles outfitted with expensive sensors.

Uber's self-driving taxis will get their first real-world test in Pittsburgh this month, with the semi-autonomous vehicles assigned at random to customers using the company's app. According to a report from Bloomberg, the test fleet will consist of modified Volvo XC90 SUVs, with each car supervised by a human in the driver's seat (a legal requirement) as well as a co-pilot taking notes. The trips themselves will be free, with a tablet in the backseat informing the passenger about the car's capabilities.

The Fisker Karma is back, reborn as the Karma Revero, with a familiar look, along with a new name and some design tweaks and feature additions that mark a departure from its origins. Today marks the first time we’ve seen the Revero, revealed via images shared by Karma detailing the car’s exterior, as well as its unique solar roof and redesigned infotainment system.

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Ten years of development will usually see some pretty big changes in any product field – but in the car world, a decade is a veritable eternity.

So what, exactly, will cars look like by 2026? Will Google, Tesla or somebody else have pulled off the fully autonomous car? Will you still be filling up at the pumps? And if you are, will it still be with petrol and diesel?

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If you thought Aston Martin was a manufacturer of exclusive cars, wait until you get an eyeful of its latest.