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by Matar Khalifa
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2016 was a largely successful year for Microsoft. Can 2017 be the same? With another new – more impressive – Xbox on the way, momentum in cloud and a great line-up of devices, it’s surely time for Microsoft to take the fight to its great rivals.

One thing seems clear; Microsoft has never looked to the future quite so much. Satya Nadella’s Microsoft isn’t such a long way from Gates’ devices-based idealism and still has some apps and services that just don’t fit. But it seems unthinkable that today’s company would make the same mistakes as Microsoft did under Ballmer.

Neural networks are all the rage recently—they're a way to get software to make decisions based on an overwhelming amount of data and the fundamental component of deep learning, which allows computers to recognize photos, speech, and text with unparalleled accuracy.

by Paulite
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Tired of the “cold and lifeless” aesthetic of modern technological objects, Robbie Tilton decided to warm things up a little by constructing a keyboard made from wood and moss. Instead of using the visually clean but texturally boring traditional materials of plastic, glass or metal, he instead chose to build the Natural Keyboard out of organic materials.

Individuals and corporations spend millions of dollars every year on software that sniffs out potentially dangerous bugs in computer programs. And whether the software finds 10 bugs or 100, there is no way determine how many go unnoticed, nor to measure the efficacy of bug-finding tools.

Researchers at New York University Tandon School of Engineering, in collaboration with the MIT Lincoln Laboratory and Northeastern University, are taking an unorthodox approach to tackling this problem: Instead of finding and remediating bugs, they’re adding them by the hundreds of thousands.

by AnandaAnatoly
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When, a computer becomes dead, everyone assumes that all the data is also gone along with the computer. But, believe it or not, recovering data from a dead computer is not that difficult. Normally companies follow a very common template of recovering data. Here, are the steps to recover files from a dead computer:

Get an external hard disc drive which can host a hard disk and connect to a computer via USB post.

We know, you came to this article expecting a fast and simple guide to overclocking your processor. But, before you learn how to overclock your CPU, there's a few basic principles to get your head around.

The first one is heat. Inevitably, the more voltage you add to your components, the more heat that component is going to produce.

Second, the higher the clock speed you're trying to achieve, the more voltage you will need to power that attempt. Makes enough sense.

And thirdly, there's only so much voltage your PC part can take before you start to see detrimental effects. These could be a drop in frame rates for GPUs, corrupting processes on the CPU, or even a failure to boot at all.

Many users consider Windows 10 as one of the best operating system. But, their major concern is re-installation of the OS when something goes wrong. In case of any problem, they will have to start it by using a USB recovery drive, which will help them in trouble shooting and fixing the problems. A USB recovery drive is same as a system repair disk, but instead of a DVD or CD, it uses a USB drive.

by AnandaAnatoly
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If you've picked up one of AMD's Radeon RX 480 graphics cards with 4GB of video memory, there's a chance you could double that RAM with a relatively simple tweak.

So what's the story here? Apparently, some RX 480 models with 4GB actually have 8GB of memory on board in physical terms, and have simply been limited to addressing half of that – a restriction that can be circumvented simply by flashing with the BIOS of the 8GB flavor.

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The Raspberry Pi sounds like a dessert for math lovers but it's really a computer the size of a credit card that has sold eight million units since its inception four years ago. Owing to its low cost (Rs. 3,075) and diminutive scale, the Pi has long been a tinkerer's dream, with people setting it up in a number of innovative ways, from using it as a dedicated Minecraft server, to powering your very own smart mirror, or even recreating an old Macintosh.

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How wonderful it would be if you could access your important work files from your office computer while being at your home? You may be surprised but it is possible. You can even get a technician to control your home computer screen even if he is sitting in his office. Many ways to do this exist, a few of them are listed below. Hope you find them worth your time!