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In a world where people are busier than they’ve ever been, keeping track of all the credit cards you may have can be rather inconvenient. And if you’ve ever found yourself fishing through your wallet for a specific card, or digging through your bag at the cash register of the grocery store with a long line behind you, you know just how frustrating locating this simple piece of plastic can sometimes be. Fortunately, new technology is making the process of using and managing your credit cards faster, easier, and more satisfying. Here are three time-saving credit card technologies to lower your stress levels.

by Smartmon
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Don’t want credit cards in your wallet? Here is the solution by LG

Shopping has become easier these days with credit & debit cards. You can use them for pretty much anything you want to buy. It has so much facilitated us that we don’t even carry cash in hand. But different cards companies offer different benefits. So you end up having so many number of cards in your wallet. At times, it may so happen that you go to refill fuel in your car but the card which offers discount or other benefits is not in your wallet. We face such problems regularly, but, how many cards we can carry?  It not only makes the wallet bulky but also create the fear of losing your card. But now, no more worries about carrying cards. LG is apparently cooking up an all in one payment card. LG is expected to unveil its universal payment card next month. The name of the card reportedly will be White Card. This card will store all your credit and debit card details.