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In the lead up to the region’s biggest consumer electronics fair, which will run from October 1-8 this autumn, the organisers of Gitex Shopper expect these top 10 tech trends that will rule the buyer’s market.

Those looking to snap up that early Diwali or Christmas, here’s what you need to look out for:

Scientists from the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia have succeeded in finding a way to make transparent transistors and other essential components of electronic circuitry. This development can be really revolutionary as it may lead to displays on car windscreens, transparent TV sets and smart windows.

Gitex Shopper starts today and it's tipped to be yet another mega sale of smartphones and smartphones and smartphones.

The Spring edition of Gitex Shopper and Shopper Smart Living 2016 is running from 30 March – 2 April 2016 at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC).

The wait is almost over for tech fans and savvy shoppers eager to get their hands on the latest gadgets and smart home technologies at special deals as this year’s Gitex Shopper Spring and Shopper Smart Living get set to kick off tomorrow (Wednesday) at 11am at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Internet of things evolving in UAE

Over the past years, one of the most interesting and discussed topics was definitely the Internet of Things, called by a lot of people “the next big thing”. But since you must be curious about what we’re actually referring to, it’s basically a network of physical objects , or devices, vehicles, building and many other items you can think of, embedded with electronics, software, a lot of sensors and, of course, connected to the internet, being able to collect and exchange data.

The UAE online wholesale platform for electronics at Menarate.com

We opened the wholesale section where you can find other partners from the UAE and MENA region that are selling and buying in bulk (mobiles, tablets, IT hardware and software).

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  • reviewing offers and requirements of other site members.
  • reviewing profiles of site members
  • the service will be adapted to fit the specific needs of site members

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Ever heard of making electronics circuits without soldering?

Soldering and electronics are integral processes for years now. But scientists have come up with an option of making electronics circuits without soldering.

Many a times soldering damage fragile parts of the electronics due to high temperature. But now, researchers have developed a conductive adhesive which simply works at room temperature.

Scientists from the university of North Florida and Notheastern university described in Advanced Materials and Process January issue, that two metals can be combined at room temperature. This brings out clear benefit of better electronics because they don’t have to bear high temperatures.

The method includes engineered nanorods, which interlock. The shell liquefies and bonds 2 sides together and locks collectively. The end result is a linked surface that will withstand higher temperatures.

But, it is yet to see whether it will substitute lead based low cost soldering altogether, in days to come.