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Following the crazy demand for Nintendo’s first-party retro gaming emulator, the NES Classic Edition, one might expect the market for retro consoles to explode. There’s already a wide range of unofficial emulator boxes — they pre-dated the NES Classic.

The Super Retro Boy, the next third-party retro-facing console from Retro-bit, takes a more interesting approach. Unlike the Classic, the Retro Boy can play Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Advance cartridges. Those consoles aren’t necessarily hard to find, but given that nearly all of them have some wear and tear, some players — especially those who weren’t playing games when these platforms were new — may prefer to buy something completely new.

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What could be exciting news for those who love experiencing virtual reality, Epic Games has developed a new game that is the gallant successor to "Bullet Train," a previous VR demo that showcased its Unreal Engine technology which incorporated the Oculus Touch motion controllers. Robo Recall steps into the spotlight amongst other related robot games and has caught much attention from its action intensive first-person-shooter game style, open and enjoyable gameplay, in-depth scoring system and highly impressive combat.

Let’s face it, the state of virtual reality gaming isn’t looking so great these days. Though the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive managed to sell out rather quickly upon each of their respective releases, sales of the two devices have pretty much flatlined. The initial hype got early adopters to jump on board and buy units in droves, but the current sales numbers tell us that consumers just aren’t interested in VR gaming. Some believed this technology would usher in a new era of innovation for games, but it appears that VR is turning out to be the fad most (myself included) said it would be.

The world has gone crazy about a brand-new virtual game the name of which you have already heard, undoubtedly. The popularity of Pokémon Go grows like mad not only among the simple players, but also among a variety of commercial organizations, that actively use the game to promote their businesses. How the enterprising businessmen can use Pokémon games to attract new customers and increase their profits? Let's try to figure out.

All of a sudden a new chapter of a famous Sid Meier’s franchise developed by 2K Games is said to be released on October 21, 2016. This year the sixth chapter of the world known strategy celebrates its 25th anniversary with 33 million copies sold worldwide.

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Researchers say that placebo response works even in virtual worlds. A recent study has found that gamers have more fun when they think a video game has been updated (even if that’s not true).

Whether you are playing a game or video chatting, a good headset makes all the difference.

It makes you enjoy your time as you’re able to experience sound on the whole other level. Here is a short guide of the best types of headphones for the most common headphones users’ groups: from the most ordinary models to the professional ones.

We live under the eighth generation of video game consoles. With the exception of portable models, today at the world’s open market, as well as at the UAE market are exposed the Japanese Nintendo Wii U, Steam Machines released in 2016 and of course the most popular PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One. There are other ones, for instance OUYA based on Nvidia Tegra 3 with Android using open-source software but we will consider only the major. 


Games that teach Programming

Education comes at a price. Good education will cost you a fortune. Nevertheless, everyone has the possibility to get free and high quality education. The companies and corporations all over the world invest money into development of free educational products. On the one hand, it is done to ensure qualified personnel in future. On the other hand, to overcome poverty ensuring equal access to the high quality education.

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Google’s Trial Run Ads allowing to test the game before downloading

Google recently announced new interactive ads that will allow to play a game for about a minute before deciding whether or not to buy it. Trial run ads will let users check the games out before downloading.

Advertisers will only pay once someone has downloaded the game, instead of every time someone tries the demo version.

This Trial Run feature will make consumers want to download the game to try it longer than 60 seconds. Developers will be able to attract those who are most likely to be interested in the game.

Fourth of the apps downloaded by users never becomes accustomed. Thus, Google launched this format of ads to counteract them. The company’s strategy is both advantageous for consumers and developers. The new feature affirms disposition to effectively use the application on the phone.

Google also introduced Interactive Interstitial advertisements, which let advertisers personalize them based on HTML5. As an example, online retailer Zalora created an advertisement enabling users to swipe to find out an exclusive offer.

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