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As usual in the end of each month we post a list of the most noticeable technology company acquisitions.
The first day of March was rich in M&As. The first name of the company is those who acquired and the second one is who was acquired correspondingly. Let’s start with e-Zest Solutions.

Just a week after the leading broadcast, satellite and digital media event CABSAT 2017 Dubai World Trade Centre will open its doors for another remarkable exhibition named GITEX Shopper. The region’s biggest consumer electronics event that takes place twice a year will as usual gather top retailers and world class brands of IT, consumer electronics, leisure & lifestyle, office automation, gaming & entertainment, domestic appliances and home. Past exhibitors included leading brands and power retailers such as Acer, Bose, Canon, HP, Hisense, Huawei, Jumbo, Lenovo, Nikon, Obi, One Mobile, Oppo, Plug Ins, Samsung, Toshiba and much more.

Let’s face it, the state of virtual reality gaming isn’t looking so great these days. Though the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive managed to sell out rather quickly upon each of their respective releases, sales of the two devices have pretty much flatlined. The initial hype got early adopters to jump on board and buy units in droves, but the current sales numbers tell us that consumers just aren’t interested in VR gaming. Some believed this technology would usher in a new era of innovation for games, but it appears that VR is turning out to be the fad most (myself included) said it would be.

by Paulite
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n its quest to be all things to all people, Facebook announced its intentions to take on the likes of GOG and Steam.

Collaborating with Unity - one of the most widely used game engines across platforms, the social network is building a downloadable, dedicated games platform in addition to expanding the website experience for gamers.

Nvidia has formally announced its next-generation GeForce GTX 1080 and GeForce GTX 1070 GPUs, ahead of competitor AMD. The two are the first consumer products to use Nvidia's new Pascal architecture, and promise giant leaps of performance and power efficiency compared to previous-generation GeForce GTX 9xx series cards and even the $1000 Titan X GPU.

by Matar Khalifa
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We've seen a lot of mechanical keyboards pop up lately, but here's something completely different: an analog and compact, ten-keyless (i.e. sans number pad) effort from Dutch hardware maker Wooting.

The Wooting One is an analog keyboard as opposed to a traditional digital keyboard. With the latter, you press a key and it registers, and that's that – it has two states, either being pressed or not.

by Ahmed Dubai
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How Video Gaming Can Be Beneficial For Brain !!!

Benefits of video gaming

Almost every kid is used to the scolding of parents over their addictive knack in video games. But recent research and scientific studies are showing some otherwise contradictory truths to this long held notion. Almost all of these studies and researches agree that that playing video games is actually good for the brain in more than one way. The long held notion concerning the connection between violence and video games seem no longer to enjoy any support from the scientific community. Playing video games in its entire avatar is good for developing the brain function and psychological makeup of children. Here we would discuss on some ways that it can actually be beneficial for our brain.


It helps in curing mental disorders

Several medical researches over the effectiveness of gaming on individuals concluded that video gaming can actually increase the volume of grey matter inside your brain and thus help you fight the disorderly thinking or similar mental and cognitive problems. From spatial navigation to strategic planning to memorizing, a video game typically involves a lot of these brain activities while playing. These activities in the player’s brain help making the neuro transmitter and motor function better.

It boosts cognitive skill and reflex

Just like real life shooting or real life movement in dangerous areas you always to keep on toe while playing video game. This makes you more alert and helps developing cognitive skill and reflex. Playing a video game you just cannot afford to be absent minded and this actually makes your cognitive faculties work more and work faster. Playing video games a child develops reflexive, smarter and more alert sensory perceptions and thought process.

It helps to slow the ageing process

To combat ageing process in elderly people video gaming can be highly effective. We gain age primarily on our brain faculties and then on physical aspects. When your brain gets the regular exercise and maneuvers to stay alert and active your ageing process slowed down. That is why video gaming can be a great aid in making your cognitive faculties busy and make your thought process work as young people. In playing complex video games your brain needs to process information from multiple points and playing such game regularly results in better memory, cognitive ability and thought process.