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Future generations of Apple Watches, Fitbits, or Android Wear gadgets may be able to detect and mitigate health problems rather than simply relay health data, thanks to a federally funded project that is applying big-data tools to mobile sensors.

Because the demand for donors’ organs and tissues is so high, researchers have spent years engineering synthetic tissues that could be transplanted into humans. But that’s not very easy to do—many of the gel-like tissues have been too mushy to be moved into a living organism, and without the intricate pathways in the tissue through which oxygen and other nutrients can travel, the living cells inside don’t survive long.

by AnandaAnatoly
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Do you know the difference between prosthetics and bionics? Well for the starters, prosthetics are mere replacements of lost body parts whereas bionics function similarly to the original part or organ and are sometime better than the original. With the ever advancing 3Dprinitng technology the possibilities of bionic technologies are endless and life changing.