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by Matar Khalifa
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Cameras on smartphones have transformed the way we take and share images, and the camera on the iPhone 7 is one of the best around.

The trouble is, with a fixed focal length with a wide field of view, it's not suited to every subject we point it at.

You could reach for compact camera or DSLR – but given the connectivity and ease of use of your iPhone, and the fact that you're more likely to have it with you most of the time, getting better results from your phone is preferable to lugging a camera around.

by AnandaAnatoly
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Sony flew journalists from across Europe to its Amsterdam HQ to see and try its new G Master lenses. It was a chance for Sony engineers to explain what they were trying to achieve with these new designs, and for journalists to try them out, get some pictures and get some technical insights straight from the people who made them.

These lenses are made for Sony's mirrorless cameras – mainly the full-frame a7-series models, though they will also work on APS-C mirrorless cameras like the brand new a6300.