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MAG-LEV Audio visually improves the experience of listening to vinyl records by levitating the platter. Joining our love for music by careful integration of technology and high-range audio components, here we have created a turntable of the future for the medium of the past.

I spend most of my days chatting with virtual/augmented reality companies, so the world of Black Mirror always seems a bit more imminent than it perhaps is. That being said, the future felt frighteningly close after my brief demo with Doppler Labs’ Here One smart earbuds.

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We're looking at the big picture, this is a how to buy an audio system that best suitsyour needs. So while I'm not going to recommend specific products, I'll set you on a course of action.

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If you're a music fan, you've probably amassed all kinds of music on various formats over the years – vinyl records, CDs, MiniDiscs, and cassette tapes being the most popular.

While much of your music has probably ended up on services like Apple Musicor Spotify and can easily be bought on or streamed to your Apple devices, there are bound to be some tracks that have never appeared on any download store – maybe because your tastes are a little obscure, the label or artist hasn't reissued them digitally, or you have some stuff you want to keep listening to for sentimental reasons – treasured mix tapes, recordings of your kids, and so on.

Every company wants kids to build stuff—not in an illegal child labor kind of way but in a fun, educational kind of way. Ball robots are teaching kids codeand Google’s new modular blocks work toward a similar goal. But Bose’s BOSEbuild speaker is more interested in teaching the ins and outs of sound and speaker design. It also looks cool as hell.

Converse’s iconic Chuck Taylors may have begun as high-end sports accessories for the earliest basketball stars, but they have become the footwear of many musical stars over the years.

Buying headphones is a lot more complicated than it seems, because of the sheer volume of options spread across various price ranges. Headphones also come in different shapes, sizes and fits, which makes it important to decide exactly what kind of headphones you want based on how you intend to use them. Follow our guide to make it a bit easier.

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3-D printing technology has been used to create everything from houses to brain tissue, and now it’s taking the music world by storm. The first ever 3D-printed electric violin is here and it plays like a dream. Named the 3Dvarius, in homage to the classic Stradivarius violin, the lightweight prototype can jam out tunes like any other electric fiddle.

Whether you are playing a game or video chatting, a good headset makes all the difference.

It makes you enjoy your time as you’re able to experience sound on the whole other level. Here is a short guide of the best types of headphones for the most common headphones users’ groups: from the most ordinary models to the professional ones.

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New Resource for Music Artists

The new resource YouTube for Artists is intended to help musicians with their public debut. It is said to be just one of the numerous resources YouTube plans to launch for the benefit of artists and video publishers. The site, among other things, features tips on how to get discovered, attract fans and earn money from creative work, how to advertise music shows, raise funds and sell merchandise. Plus it includes information on available free production resources.