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After introducing it on Android, WhatsApp has brought along the ability to draw, add text, and emojis on top of photos and videos to the iPhone app as well . The update also brings another new feature called 'Group Invite Link' that allows the admin to invite people simply by sharing a unique link with them.

Hasselblad’s X1D is one of the most interesting cameras to be announced in years, as it crams a massive, medium format image sensor into camera that’s as portable as a compact DSLR. Today, the company is making things even more interesting with a special edition 4116 version of the camera.


With the arrival of Dual Pixel CMOS AF, a built-in EVF and touchscreen interface, the EOS M5 looks like Canon might have finally come good with a mirrorless camera.

When I spoke to Hasselblad's CEO, Perry Oosting, at the launch of the H6D he made it pretty clear that its next camera would be more affordable to attract keen enthusiast photographers as well as pros. And while few would argue that the X1D is cheap for $8,995 , it's 'attractively priced' in Hasselblad terms.

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Humans have never actually seen a black hole with our eyes. A new computer algorithm, created by MIT graduate student Katie Bouman and her team, will hopefully change that.

Since black holes are surprisingly small, we need a gigantic telescope to look at them. The supermassive black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy is only about 17 times the diameter of the sun, according to an article published in BBC News, but it's 25,000 light years away... that's far. The smaller and further away the things we want to see are, the bigger the telescope we'd need.

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The mirrorless or compact system camera category has been growing steadily over the past couple of years, and for good reason. These cameras DSLR levels of functionality and quality (depending on the sensor being used) in a compact body that's relatively easy to carry around. Sony has been enjoying a fair bit of success in this category ever since it announced its A6000 interchangeable lens mirrorless camera nearly two years ago. This particular model has been revered by many as the go-to compact camera for action stills and video.

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Snapchat's "face swap" feature, which lets users swap faces with someone (orsomething) else in real time, is so popular (and unsettling) that it has become something of a meme. Now a new update that was pushed to the iOS App Store yesterday adds a whole new layer to the feature, allowing people to swap faces with images stored on their phone's camera roll.

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Lenovo Introduces Modular ThinkPad X1 Tablet

At CES 2016 Lenovo have unveiled an X1 systems portfolio. Top billing is given to the modular ThinkPad X1 Tablet. The tablet can be expanded and adapted for use in three different positions. Functional modules of the tablet can be clipped to the bottom edge:

The ethical Fairphone 2 is now shipping

The developers of modular Fairphone 2 announced the coming start of the first batch of smartphones' delivery. Let us recall, this summer the prototypes were presented, and in October the accepting of pre-orders for this unusual model started. The first batch is quite small - only 200 units. The second one will contain 800 ones. Those who ordered a smartphone in December, will get it in January. On the official website of Fairphone 2 (fairphone.com/phone/), it can be ordered for the price of €529.