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by AnandaAnatoly
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Storms that go on for 400 years. Falling molten glass rain. Temperatures jumping from 500 degrees Celsius to 1200 degrees Celsius in just 6 hours. The weather in our universe is crazy.

So the next time it’s a little muggy outside or a bit of rain has ruined your commute, remember that Earth has it easy. Life Noggin details the extreme weather of other planets, and everywhere else in the universe sounds totally gnarly.

by CrinetJanet
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Nevada is tackling drought in a futuristic way through cloud-seeding drones. Near the end of April, teams piloted the first ever drone to release a “cloud-seeding payload“: silver-iodide that could generate more rain from clouds. The state believes the drones may be part of the solution to alleviate their drought issue.

by menarate
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A new solar cell developed by a team of Chinese scientists may change the way we use solar panels. Invention of solar power was a great step forward in the world of alternative energy sources. However this type of conventional power has always posed one concern: solar cells produce no power when it's raining. Chinese scientists have found the way to create electricity with the assistance of raindrops – they coated a solar cell with a thin film of graphene. A graphene layer reacts with ions in the rain to generate energy. When a raindrop contacts with a graphene, the water becomes enriched in positive ions and the graphene becomes enriched in delocalized electrons. The difference in potential is sufficient to produce a current and voltage.