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Microsoft is going to close Skype’s London office, in a move that could impact the jobs of the nearly 400 people employed there. The company told the Financial Timesthat is will “unify some engineering positions,” but that it “will be entering into a consultation process to help those affected by the redundancies.”

I’ve used Skype for more years than I care to remember. My Skype username is an embarrassing result of me thinking I was a cool teenager, and I’ve got a big list of important friends and family as contacts. Skype has been the go-to service for me to connect with those friends and family, or even initiate work calls. Over the past couple of years, however, it has been a painful experience.

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Skype quietly announced that it will be ending support for its TV app. Why? Because smartphones have taken over.

The TV app was first introduced back in 2010 and was adopted by the likes of Panasonic and a range of other TV manufacturers. These days, however, the majority of Americans use smartphones. In fact, while in 2010 smartphone sales sat at around 300 million, since then, they’ve gone up to a massive 1.5 billion in 2015, according to Statista. Because of this, most users now prefer to Skype from their smartphones rather than their TVs.

Whether you are playing a game or video chatting, a good headset makes all the difference.

It makes you enjoy your time as you’re able to experience sound on the whole other level. Here is a short guide of the best types of headphones for the most common headphones users’ groups: from the most ordinary models to the professional ones.

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Skype Finally Hides Your IP Address

Way back in 2012, it came to light that a flaw in Skype made it easy for hackers to acquire your IP adress. Now, finally, Microsoft has updated the software so those details are hidden by default.

Skype has offered the option to hide your IP address for a little while, but the update ,which is being rolled out today, means that it’s a standard feature. Previously, it was possible to expose a person’s last known IP address just through analyzing their general information—all that was required was a user name.

In reality, the most pleased party will be gamers. There’s been a trend in the past for ad-hoc Digital Denial of Service attacks from fellow competitors, targeted at an IP address acquired from a Skype username, to knock opponents offline. As of today, that’ll no longer be possible.

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How Does Whatsapp Plan to Dominate All Other Communication Platforms?

Reports from New York reveal that a new video calling feature is already under testing stage for iOS version of WhatsApp. And with the addition of a video calling facility, Whatsapp plans to become an all-rounded video chat application and the best in the business.

WhatsApp as such has more than 900 million active users. Although, other service providers such as Skype from Microsoft and Google Hangouts are pretty ahead in terms of video calling and voice calling, WhatsApp decides to take up the challenge of pleasing its users as much as the others do.

There are also rumors of a 'multi-tab user interface' option being introduced, with which, the users will be allowed to switch from chat to chat without having to go back to the main chat screen each time. According to images from various internet sources, the multiple chat tabs will enable the users to also switch between the rear and the front camera.

Macerkopf, a German site, has put forward a few screenshots revealing the video chat icon added in WhatsApp. The appearance reveals that it is the beta version which is under testing. While the finalized version may be rolled out in a few weeks according to sources, no official announcement about the same has yet been made by the WhatsApp team. Sources show that the options included on a video calling screen will be to mute a call, switch between the cameras and so on.

Although, Whatsapp's voice calling feature has long lost its importance in India, due to the limitations that it posed such as those of lack of clarity even on 3G network, Whatsapp is trying it’s best to be back on the game by providing the best communication features.