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Turing Robot Industries (TRI) has huge plans regarding its new phone. The third in the series phone, has such high-tech plans lined up for it that these plans itself make you cringe on the grounds of practicality and reality. The plans of the company for this phone include an 18 GB RAM, three Snapdragon 830’s, 6.4-inch 4K display, 1.2 TB storage 60MP iMAX 6K Quad Rear Camera Triplet Lens at f/1.2, and a 20MP front camera. 

After much speculation and a leak, Samsung's rumoured new smartphone - the Galaxy C9 - has reportedly appeared on Geekbench.

A smartphone bearing model number SM-C9000 was spotted on Geekbench, and it's thought to be the Galaxy C9. A smartphone with the same model number was also recently spotted on Indian import-export website Zauba with a per unit price of Rs. 17,107. Note that import/ export website price listings are only declared values, and usually aren't accurate reflections of actual market price. Coming back to the Geekbench listing, we see the smartphone is listed to sport a 6-inch display, quashing the early rumours of a 5.7-inch display. The device may also sport an octa-core Qualcomm CPU clocked at 1.4GHz.

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Apple's new iOS 10 update, released last week, is sneakily big and packs a lot of changes that you may not come across if you aren't looking for them. Here are 10 small changes to Apple's new mobile operating system that can make a big difference in your life.

Apps in Messages: If you've downloaded iOS 10, you've probably noticed that messages look a little different. But the changes to Messages are far more than skin deep. There's now an App Store for messages, which is just to the left of the text bar. Apps let you do things like look up movie times and buy tickets on Fandango or find and book a reservation on OpenTable within the app. It can also makes coordinating plans very easy.

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You think that Jet Black finish comes cheaply? It turns out the iPhone 7 isn't just breaking the bank for smartphone buyers - it's costing Apple a pretty penny too.

A teardown by IHS Market estimates the overall component cost of the iPhone 7 to be $224.80, a price that also includes basic manufacturing costs. That's $36.89 more than IHS Market listed the iPhone 6S at, which goes someway to explaining the iPhone 7's $649  price tag.

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Google have sent out invitations to an October 4 event, hinting that the Internet titan will show off a new smartphone powered by its Android mobile software.

Emailed invitations sent late Monday revealed only the time and place for the gathering in San Francisco, the message topped by blue, red, yellow, and green dots of color.

Google fired off a Twitter message with hashtag #madebygoogle and a video of what appeared to be a long rectangular search term box morphing into a silhouette of a smartphone.

Samsung on Monday kicked off its exchange program for potentially dangerous Galaxy Note 7 phones, in the UK and Ireland at least.

The company says it has fixed the battery flaw that caused multiple devices to burst into flames and will start issuing Note owners with replacement devices this week.

The UK is one of the first countries to receive new shipments of Note 7 devices. Customers in the US will not be able to begin trading in their phones for fresh versions until Wednesday, September 21.

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Many Android phones are a bit more durable than iPhones, but that doesn't mean they're immune to damage. Phone screens are made of glass, after all, and glass breaks when you drop it.

So. You dropped your Android phone for the 60th time and you now have a beautiful spider web pattern blooming across your home screen. If you don't have month-to-month phone insurance, here are your options for getting that screen fixed.

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Apple just announced the iPhone 7 camera and iPhone 7 Plus dual camera.

Both smartphones come with upgraded cameras with the widest apertures we've ever seen on an iPhone, as well as machine-learning-assisted shooting.

Apple has also made them a bit more appealing to hardcore photographers, with the ability to shoot raw DNG images like you can get from a DSLR (or some Androids). Raw files offer users finer control when they're editing, but are a bit technical for casual shooters and can't be uploaded straight to Instagram.

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Nintendo dropped a megaton at Apple's September 2016 keynote event by announcing "Super Mario Run." It marks the first official appearance by one of Nintendo's flagship franchises on mobile devices.

But regular "Super Mario Bros." games were never meant to be played on phones. Here's how "Super Mario Run" changes up the formula for its new home:

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Apple lifted the veil off the new iPhone 7 today at its fall event in San Francisco. The device, which leaked early on Twitter, will feature a 12-megapixel camera and jet black design with stainless steel Apple symbol.

The iPhone will come in five colors, Silver/White, Gold/White Rose Gold, "Black" and "Jet Black." The iPhone 7's home button will be a force-sensitive home button, moving away from one that users can physically press. The new home button is reminiscent of Force Touch and 3D Touch on previous Apple devices.