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Huawei unveiled its latest flagship smartphone this morning, the P9, and the big story here is its camera — or really, its camera system, since there are two of them. In the past, dual-camera systems have been used for 3D or focus-changing gimmicks, but Huawei has taken a different approach: the P9's two cameras only take one photo, but it's supposed to be of a much higher quality. Here's how that works.

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Huawei has unveiled the P9, its new flagship phone focused on the camera and a well-crafted metal design.

It features a Kirin 955 processor, 3000mAh battery, 32GB internal storage and 3GB of RAM. But there's a lot more to the Huawei P9 than just that spec list.

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As Dubai witnesses another Gitex Shopper, retailers are bullish on the smartphone segment, with laptop convertibles expected to make a comeback.

Further fueling sales at the Shopper, which runs until Saturday at the Dubai World Trade Centre, are bundle offers, price drops on older smartphone models and travel vouchers that come just in time to plan that summer holiday.

Samsung introduced its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge smartphones in February and recently launched their sales. Lucky owners of the brand new Samsung specialties must be disappointed that they can either choose Extra Space or Dual Sim with internal space. However some enthusiasts claim that it is possible to use both Dual Sim and MicroSD space though it requires some tinkering.

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Apple introduced a new iPhone SE with 4-inch display – the smallest one in the model range of the company. 

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Apple just announced the iPhone SE, a 4-inch phone with the guts of an iPhone 6S that looks a lot like the 5S. So, naturally, Apple has apparently discontinued the iPhone 5S. The 5S has been replaced by the SE on the iPhone hub of the Apple website, and the old URL that brought you do the 5S order page simply redirects you back to the main iPhone page.

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Apple is coming dangerously close to losing control of how consumers make sense of its mobile and tablet lineup. The culprit: the company's ever more complicated naming scheme for its proliferating product lines. With today's announcement of a new 4-inch iPhone, called the iPhone SE, and a new 9.7-inch iPad Pro, we now have a dizzying number of choices to make when considering which Apple smartphone or tablet to buy, and all have almost identical sounding names.


For someone who falls sick often, keeping track of your new medicines and making sure you have them on time can be a problem. A chronic illness where you need to have the same medicines daily is bad enough, but when you're on a new schedule of pills once a month, it can be very hard to keep track. Keeping track of all your prescriptions for doctor visits can be another problem, at least for some of us.

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Skype quietly announced that it will be ending support for its TV app. Why? Because smartphones have taken over.

The TV app was first introduced back in 2010 and was adopted by the likes of Panasonic and a range of other TV manufacturers. These days, however, the majority of Americans use smartphones. In fact, while in 2010 smartphone sales sat at around 300 million, since then, they’ve gone up to a massive 1.5 billion in 2015, according to Statista. Because of this, most users now prefer to Skype from their smartphones rather than their TVs.

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More than half of mobile sales in GCC conducted on Apple devices

Apple’s iOS made up 54 per cent of mobile sales in the GCC, with Android closely behind at 46 per cent, a new reports shows.

According to Criteo’s Q4 2015 State of Mobile Commerce Report, GCC retailers with a strong mobile shopping experience closed out 2015 with impressive sales results, shifting many mobile device browsers into buyers.