HI-TECH NEWS with #taxis hashtag

by menarate
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At the Elevate Summit in Dallas, Texas Uber announced its plan on bringing flying taxis to Dubai and Dallas by the year of 2020. These flying vehicles will be small, electric aircrafts that take off and land vertically. They will have no emissions and are quiet enough to operate in cities. In the beginning of operation the price for a flight is expected to be $1.32 per mile, which is a bit higher than taking UberX for the same distance. 

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck in traffic, wishing you could just fly above the chaos, you might soon get your wish. Aeronautics giant Airbus has announced a new plan, dubbed “Project Vahana,” that would create a fleet of on-demand autonomous drones to carry passengers through the skies. And if that doesn’t sound crazy enough, the company says it could begin testing as soon as 2017.