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Whether you are playing a game or video chatting, a good headset makes all the difference.

It makes you enjoy your time as you’re able to experience sound on the whole other level. Here is a short guide of the best types of headphones for the most common headphones users’ groups: from the most ordinary models to the professional ones.

introducing PHAZON: Wireless Earbuds Guaranteed Not to Fall



At Phazon, we believe people deserve wireless headphones that are both comfortable & stable, have great sound quality and look good.

In designing our earbuds, we have been inspired by those two pain points:
1. Inconvenience from the headphone wires, especially during sports activities.
2. While working relentlessly on the project we came up with something truly innovative:

Phazon is making the world’s first one-size-fits-all wireless earbuds - guaranteed not to fall off.

Wireless earbuds have been around recently. However, they offer very poor comfort and stability. While they claim that inserts (plastic or foam) can fix the problems, we know it won’t. Have you already tried earbuds with inserts? It just doesn’t work well in an active environment. We plan to change all that with our product and patent pending form factor. That’s right, with a simple twist motion, everyone gets a snug fit with only 1 size and 0 inserts.

How is our one-size-fits-all earbuds different from any other product? Knowing that there is an inner ear pattern that everyone shares, we made many iterations to find our fit. With our twist-motion, the fit is so solid that you can literally dive into the water and it will stay in place. It's a completely snug fit. Any sports from casual jogging to skydiving will let you listen to music flawlessly.

In the wireless earbud industry, it’s critical to have that great snug fit. After all, you surely don’t want to lose your earbuds while playing sports!






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