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Alexa Internet, Inc., California-based company wholly owned by has recently released a rating of the most popular web-sites worldwide. The assessment was based on daily average visits and views within the last three months. Around 30 million Internet resources were analyzed for the research.

The facts may show there are still 24 hours in every day, but for many of us those days are feeling more compressed and hectic than ever, which is why anything that frees up even a little bit of time can feel so valuable.

Enter your trusty smartphone - the pocket companion that manages your life and connects you to the web. It can also be used for some time-saving, life-simplifying hacks, if you know the right tools to use...

Recently Apple has introduced a lot of few features, though its typing experience still leaves much to be desired. As far as we know iPhones are not one-handed anymore and this became one of the main complaints of the device. However it turned out there is actually a hidden one-handed keyboard that nobody is supposed to know about. A developer named Steve Troughton-Smith discovered it on the Apple device accidentally by hacking an Apple’s iOS Simulator. 

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Space and the celestial atmosphere never cease to astonish and intrigue us. All kinds of strange scenarios if imagined in the space environment give super interesting results. Let’s imagine that you fired a gun in the space… then… you will think that it can’t be…. because fires can’t burn in the oxygen-free vacuum but add to this the fact that modern day guns come with their own oxidizer. So now you have shot a bullet in the space and then what happens? There can be different interesting scenarios in this.

We want to present you a small collection of interesting videos over 2016 that you might like. 

It’s not often that interior design elements stem from MIT projects, but that’s exactly the case for the newly introduced Ori, the shapeshifting ‘apartment in a box’ that takes its name from the Japanese art of paper folding (yep, origami). The MIT Media Lab originally created the concept several years ago for a piece of space-saving transforming furniture that is, essentially, a whole apartment’s worth of amenities in one compact package. Ori spun off into its own company and tapped Yves Béhar offuseproject to design the system, and you can buy your own as soon as next year.

Facebook is heaping focus on live video with an entirely dedicated tab for streams, which prioritizes in-the-moment broadcasts, so it’s no surprise to see that Twitter is fighting back in the streaming war with an integration between Periscope, its live-streaming platform, and the Twitter mobile apps.

In what the company told The Verge is a test, a small number of Twitter for Android users have a ‘Go Live’ button alongside existing media options, such as record video or attach image, when they create a tweet. Those with the app already installed on their phone are directed to Periscope when they click button, all others are sent to the app store where they can download the live-streaming app.

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The Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube is dedicated to videos of things being crushed in a hydraulic press, among of them are bowling balls, hockey pucks, sheets of paper and salads. Now you can find there a new video. The author of the project – a Finnish experimentalist goes meta with "Pressception" as a machine crushes two smaller hydraulic presses.