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An e-commerce marketplace Souq.com headquartered in Dubai, which was already commonly described as “the Amazon of the Middle East” has been recently acquired by Amazon. The retailer employs more than 3,000 people and sells over 400,000 products, from clothes and perfumes to notebooks and televisions to neighboring Middle Eastern countries such as Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and Egypt. The well-established player has over 23 million online visits per month.

One of the most successful start-up billionaires and the founder of broadcast.com Mark Cuban once said “Sweat equity is the best start-up capital”. It’s difficult not to agree with him. The greatness of business is not always determined by funding it gets. In most cases the idea is a key to success.

Here is the list of 8 most remarkable and trending start-ups throughout UAE.

The leading professional content entertainment event in the Middle Eastern, African and South Asian region will be held in Dubai World Trade Centre on 21st-23rd March. CABSAT exhibition is a massive event that will connect the region’s top broadcasters, software developers, production houses and studios, animation houses, content owners and creators, systems integrators and distribution channels. A full list of confirmed exhibitors is already available on the official web-site of the event. Participants registered for the show will be eligible to access the meeting program.

With three kids and constant travel for work, John Hussey jumped at the chance to play an open-world adventure game like "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" anywhere, anytime.

After he heard about the Nintendo Switch, a hybrid game machine that works as both a console at home and a tablet on the go, Hussey ordered one in January even though it wouldn't arrive until Friday, whenNintendo's latest game machine debuts.

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Porsche has unveiled a new variant of the second-generation Panamera named Sport Turismo. At least five years in the making, the Sport Turismo is the German brand’s very first station wagon.

تشهد حلبة “مرسى ياس” في أبوظبي بين ١٦ و ١٨ من شهر مارس الجاري إنعقاد الدورة الأولى للمُسابقة الأولى من نوعها في المنطقة التي تُعنى بمجال الروبوت تحت مُسمى “تحدي محمد بن زايد العالمي للروبوت“. ويُنتظر أن تكون تلك المُسابقة من بين الأكبر من نوعها عالميا بمجموع جوائز رصدته اللجنة المُنظمة للروبوتات الفائزة تصل قيمتها ال ٥ ملايين دولار أمريكي.

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يبدو أن شياومي قررت الانضمام إلى ركب شركات الهواتف المحمولة التي تصنع معالجها بنفسها، فبعد ابل وسامسونج وهواوي تتطلع شياومي إلى الدخول إلى عالم تصنيع المعالجات الأمر الذي قد يعطيها إمكانية إطلاق الهواتف بشكل أسرع وبسعر أرخص، حيث قررت إطلاق رقاقتها الجديدة Surge S1 التي ستضيفها إلى هاتفها Mi 5C.

Samsung is planning to launch its Galaxy S8 handset on March 29th, but we’ve already seen photos, videos, and even press images leak ahead of its debut. A fresh round of hands-on images have leaked today, and they give us a slightly better look at some big design changes Samsung is making to its 2017 flagship smartphone.

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يبدو أن واتس اب تعمل على ميزة جديدة للشركات الصغيرة ستطلق قريباً في الهند التي تعتبر السوق الأكبر للتطبيق، وسيساعد هذا التطبيق الشركات التي يبلغ عدد موظفيها 10 أو أقل لإدارة التعامل مع العملاء بشكل أفضل، كما تشكل هذه الخطوة المحاولة الأولى للشركة للاستفادة بشكل مادي بعد 8 سنوات من الخدمة المجانية.

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I finally realized that Google Docs isn't the best note-taking app. It's too clunky for quickly jotting down notes about a project or interesting things I come across throughout the day.

So, I went to the Chrome Web Store and searched for a solution that was simple, easy to access, and had only the features I needed (syncing and sign-in were not important). Skeuomorphic designs were immediately disqualified.