We go on a series of articles about the most successful and famous vloggers settled in the UAE.

Today we’d like to introduce you young and energetic YouTube star Karim Belal.

In the Middle East YouTube is making a profound impact on the way people consume media. There are over 300 million views on YouTube daily. No wonder it is a great opportunity for video producers and ordinary users to create attractable video content.

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Facebook feeds can often lead to an information overload. There are times when you may feel like you've had enough of posts on Facebook but you still might not be able to stop yourself from checking the social networking site multiple times a day. Maybe you are thinking of quitting Facebook altogether.

The world's biggest technology showcase CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) is held every year in Las Vegas over the last 50 years. New 2017 is not an exception – the event ran from January 5 to January 8. 

As usual in the beginning of the month we acquaint you with world top M&A deals in IT. Here is our list of November deals. The first company is an acquirer and the second one is the acquired company.

Seems each of us faced stress because of flying. And a fear of heights is not the worst thing – managing to fit in weigh restrictions is also a big challenge for travelers. But luckily the future is already here! The New York-based company has created something new.

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Alexa Internet, Inc., California-based company wholly owned by Amazon.com has recently released a rating of the most popular web-sites worldwide. The assessment was based on daily average visits and views within the last three months. Around 30 million Internet resources were analyzed for the research.

Last year the Swiss watchmaker released its first Android Wear smartwatch. Now Tag Heuer makes it more luxurious. The company’s new rose gold watch goes on sale this month for $9,900. This Tag Heuer Smartwatch isn't available online but only in retail stores.

OCP servers at Facebook

When a major company like Microsoft announces a new release, you generally expect to be shown the final product. After all, big companies usually use product releases as PR stunts. They kick off a major press cycle with hype over new features to get people to pay attention. Microsoft has decided to take a different approach this time around by announcing a different kind of innovation.

YouTube has announced that it now supports HDR videos. HDR (or High Dynamic Range) has been getting a lot of attention lately since both the Xbox One S and the upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro support it. Now that YouTube videos support HDR content, it means that those with HDR-capable consoles will be able to show the world what these new systems are capable of.