The owner of British luxury phone maker Vertu was unable to save the company from bankruptcy. The firm’s £128 million debt could not be covered by £1.9 million offered by its current owner Murat Hakan Uzan. Uzan bought the company in March, after it had been sold and re-sold by a number of investment companies with a hope to get the production up and running. As we may see, he did not succeed in this. Expectedly nearly 200 jobs at the manufacturing facility of Vertu in Hampshire will be lost as a result of the company’s liquidation. Сoncierge service, which gave Vertu phone owners 24-hour support was also suspended. According to the information on the website of the company, now it is focused “on developing completely new next generation suite of services, exclusively for our customers”. The new services are planned to be launched from September 2017.

In an attempt to reduce the environmental impact Samsung is going to recycle 157 tonnes of rare metals from its sadly remembered Galaxy Note 7s smartphones, which gained notoriety last year after a battery defect caused explosions.

Five years ago Google launched Google Glass – the futuristic gadget developed by Google X division – the company’s intellectual department where engineers develop way-out ideas. Driven by voice commands, Google Glass had quite impressive functionality and was worn by celebrities and featured a fashion show. However there were two problems with it. The first was quite strange design that could make you look like a dork and the second one was the privacy issue. In the end, Google withdrew the device in January 2015.

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At the Elevate Summit in Dallas, Texas Uber announced its plan on bringing flying taxis to Dubai and Dallas by the year of 2020. These flying vehicles will be small, electric aircrafts that take off and land vertically. They will have no emissions and are quiet enough to operate in cities. In the beginning of operation the price for a flight is expected to be $1.32 per mile, which is a bit higher than taking UberX for the same distance. 

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The UAE ranks among the top 10 most competitive countries in the world, according to the world competitiveness ranking released by the IMD World Competitiveness Centre recently. The research group at the IMD business school in Switzerland publishes the rankings every year since 1989. The research uses 260 indicators, about two thirds of which include national statistics in such areas as trade and employment and one third is an executive opinion survey of such issues as corruption, environment and quality of life. This year 63 countries participated in the survey with Cyprus and Saudi Arabia making their first appearance.

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When it comes to smartphones, many key areas are important to users: apps, price, battery life, and speed. Apple is expected to mark the tenth anniversary of the original iPhone’s release with complete design revision and other interesting changes already revealed to public. However where the speed is concerned there is some kind of uncertainty.  

Dubai International Airport has launched a new hi-tech scheme enabling passengers to use their smart phones instead of their passports. The so called “Emirates Smart Wallet” is meant to further travel movement across Dubai International Airport and is considered to be the very first of its kind in the world. Passengers will only need to use the smartphone at the smart gates and scan their fingerprint.

The 130-foot-wide machine “Caihong-T4” (or “Rainbow”) has set a record after flying an an attitude over 20 km.

New update of Telegram for desktop (version 1.1.0) is now available from the Telegram website and through the inbuilt updater on the desktop app. Support for voice calls is the key feature in this update.