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It's no secret Snapchat is confusing to use. In fact, when Snap, the social media app's parent company, released its IPO filing documents earlier this month, the app's confusing user interface was listed as one of the risk factors for investors.

There has been no scarcity on iPhone leaks, and the latest points out that Apple may ditch Touch ID to replace it with a 3D facial recognition feature. Another report separately hints that Apple may give wireless charging a miss this year, and the iPhone models in 2018 may come with wireless charging support.

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As Apple is yet again named the world's most admired company, I wonder just how much a lack of great competition has contributed to Cupertino's dominance.

Once, it was fanciful to think that Microsoft would be the company that would beat Apple. It had might. It had dominant, if ugly, software.

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The search giant has decided to kill the 30-second unskippable ads in order to provide a better advertising experience to the online users, Google said in a statement to Campaign. "As part of that, we've decided to stop supporting 30-second unskippable ads as of 2018 and focus instead on formats that work well for both users and advertisers," Google spokesperson was quoted as saying in the Campaign report.

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LinkedIn has neglected two big opportunities Facebook is now capitalizing on: helping lower-skilled workers and people who aren’t actively looking for a job. Today Facebook is rolling out a slew of new Jobs features we spotted it testing last year. They could hurt LinkedIn’s growth prospects and divert recruiting ad dollars.

A new portable Pi project uses the official 7-inch touch-screen to create a mini laptop for on-the-go users (and people with small hands).

Thingiverse user “surferboy” published blueprints for building the compact computer, which includes the Raspberry Pi Foundation display and an RII mini wireless keyboard and touchpad.

There’s a massive offshore wind turbine in Østerild, Denmark breaking energy generation records left and right.

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Facebook likes chat windows so much, it's trying them out on your friends' posts too.

The social network is testing out a feature on its desktop site that pushes certain posts to the bottom edge of your web browser, similar to what it does when you get an instant message from a Facebook friend. Gmail does the same thing with instant messages and its email composer.


Whether they’re taking our jobs, acting as our own personal butlers or planning mankind’s ultimate robopocalypse downfall, we’ve been obsessed robots for centuries. From clockwork automatons to cutting edge androids, we’ve been trekking the Uncanny Valley for around 500 years now.

In the world of wearables, Fitbit is one of the most common names – it has achieved near ubiquity with the term ‘fitness trackers’, which in turn has helped it become the obvious leader in the market. It helps that Fitbit has something for everyone – from the minimalistic, swim-proof Flex 2, to the sleek, fashionable Alta, and from the do-it-all Charge 2, to the bulky Blaze; the only model with a colour display.