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When it comes to smartphones, many key areas are important to users: apps, price, battery life, and speed. Apple is expected to mark the tenth anniversary of the original iPhone’s release with complete design revision and other interesting changes already revealed to public. However where the speed is concerned there is some kind of uncertainty.  

Dubai International Airport has launched a new hi-tech scheme enabling passengers to use their smart phones instead of their passports. The so called “Emirates Smart Wallet” is meant to further travel movement across Dubai International Airport and is considered to be the very first of its kind in the world. Passengers will only need to use the smartphone at the smart gates and scan their fingerprint.

The 130-foot-wide machine “Caihong-T4” (or “Rainbow”) has set a record after flying an an attitude over 20 km.

New update of Telegram for desktop (version 1.1.0) is now available from the Telegram website and through the inbuilt updater on the desktop app. Support for voice calls is the key feature in this update.

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Asus reportedly refuses from development of its ZenWatch line of Android Wear smartwatches.

Being the world’s highest building, it is not surprising that Burj Khalifa tops a list of the most appearing buildings on Instagram. The second place takes Burj Al Arab which is 22 (!) times less popular.

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NOKIA is a popular trademark companies that introducing Varity of products to their million happy customers’. On that line it introduced its new device named as’ UNKNOWN HEART’ which spotted on the new geek bench result. The name of the device itself is very unique which result with high attention by the consumers.

Roland Quandt Tweets that three Nokia Smartphone’s is going to named as “UNKNOWN HEART” which have been unveil in geek bench listing. Nokia’s forthcoming flagship devices designate as NOKIA9 could be mechanized by an Octa-core Snapdragon 835 device platform hooked up with 4 GB RAM is different from NOKIA8. And also it is featured with 5.5 inches display with QHD screen that could run on Android 7.1.1 Nougat. Further, the Nokia 9 scored 1815 in single-core test and in multi-core test it received 6278.

It’s equally important that the high amount of RAM in this device is showing that Nokia is targeting an Asian market which is going to give a heavy competition to other marketers in 2017. And also that everyone should note Nokia 9 underwent with one more test for its other model which contains 4 GB of RAM. This means without any delay Nokia aims to market their product in western countries like North and South America with its 4GB pattern.  

As far as the non-removable batteries was composed with 3800 mAh. The Nokia9 having the internal storage capacity of 64 GB without expandable storage. And also the dual-13MP camera setup, which has 22-megapixal back camera and 12- megapixel front camera without any flashlight. At the same time it has the stranded Wi-Fi connectivity supported with 802.11b/g/n/ac. It is also having features like GPS, Bluetooth with single SIM model.

Many rumours came before they introduce this newly device. As per the previous reports and rumours the Nokia 9 standard price was starts with 700$ in the United States and expected price of 750 euro in European countries.

It’s damn sure that people are going to run toward the shop to experience this phone at least once in their lifetime.




Recently Samsung and Intel both filed claims against Qualcomm, stating they have been “harmed” by its misconduct. Although Samsung produces its own chips that compete with Qualcomm’s, it uses its competitor’s chips in its smartphones — such as the Snapdragon 835 processor in the Galaxy S8. Qualcomm’s “exclusionary” actions are that Qualcomm has refused to license Samsung to make and sell licensed chipsets wherefore Samsung now cannot sell licensed Exynos chipsets to non-Samsung companies.

As usual in the end of each month we post a list of the most noticeable technology company acquisitions.
The first day of March was rich in M&As. The first name of the company is those who acquired and the second one is who was acquired correspondingly. Let’s start with e-Zest Solutions.

10-year partnership of Apple with Red, an organization that aims to fight against Aids led to release of a new spectacular red iPhone 7. While Apple has already offered special red cases for the iPhone earlier, this is the first time the handset is available in red itself.