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Do you own a fingerprint scanner-toting Samsung Galaxy phone and a Windows 10 computer? If so, you might soon be able to unlock that PC with your handset’s digit reader.

Ask any enthusiast with a competent desktop PC tower and they’ll tell you that one of the best advantages of a traditional rig is the easy upgradeability. 

Indeed, there truly is no pleasure greater than that which results from popping a spare SATA cable onto a brand-new SSD or hard drive. Unfortunately, the thrill often stops there. 

As you begin to install new apps, divvying up folders between multiple drives, seemingly basic tasks become obstructive challenges. Once you run out of storage for your overwhelming archive or Steam games, the question arises: should you move something from your current Steam folder to the Recycle Bin or start a brand-new one on a secondary drive?

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2016 was a largely successful year for Microsoft. Can 2017 be the same? With another new – more impressive – Xbox on the way, momentum in cloud and a great line-up of devices, it’s surely time for Microsoft to take the fight to its great rivals.

One thing seems clear; Microsoft has never looked to the future quite so much. Satya Nadella’s Microsoft isn’t such a long way from Gates’ devices-based idealism and still has some apps and services that just don’t fit. But it seems unthinkable that today’s company would make the same mistakes as Microsoft did under Ballmer.

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You like early access to stuff, right? If you own an Xbox One or Xbox One S, Microsoft is about to give you just that. 

The tech giant is opening up its Xbox Insider Program - formerly the XboxPreview Program - to every Xbox owner. You'll soon have the chance to try games, apps and other console goodies before non-insiders (take that! - jk, we love you).

Joining the program also lets you sub

OCP servers at Facebook

When a major company like Microsoft announces a new release, you generally expect to be shown the final product. After all, big companies usually use product releases as PR stunts. They kick off a major press cycle with hype over new features to get people to pay attention. Microsoft has decided to take a different approach this time around by announcing a different kind of innovation.

YouTube has announced that it now supports HDR videos. HDR (or High Dynamic Range) has been getting a lot of attention lately since both the Xbox One S and the upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro support it. Now that YouTube videos support HDR content, it means that those with HDR-capable consoles will be able to show the world what these new systems are capable of.

In one of the most unique products to have ever come out from the company, Zotac has announced a mini PC named VR GO, which comes with detachable straps that enables users to carry it around as a backpack. However, don't let the looks of the mini PC deceive you as it comes with hardware specifications capable enough to power even virtual reality content.

Microsoft Corp said on Tuesday that a hacking group previously linked to the Russian government and US political hacks was behind recent cyber attacks that exploited a newly discovered Windows security flaw.

The software maker said in an advisory on its website there had been a small number of attacks using "spear phishing" emails from a hacking group known Strontium, which is more widely known as "Fancy Bear," or APT 28. Microsoft did not identify any victims.

Microsoft, as expected, at its 'What's next for Windows 10' event on Wednesday in New York made several announcements such as unveiling a new Surface Studio all-in-one, an upgraded Surface Book, and a new release called Windows 10 Creators Update. The Redmond giant at the event also announced a new version of the Paint app which was long-rumoured to get an update. The company says that Paint 3D app is part of its "vision for bringing 3D to everyone," something it began with the HoloLens.

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We’ve been hearing all artificial intelligence, all the time from the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) industry over the last several weeks. Microsoft is the latest to trumpet its AI capabilities for sales people with the general availability of Dynamics 365 coming on November 1st.