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The 2017 smartphone cycle is about to kick off in earnest, and there are some familiar names fighting to come back into the fold.

BlackBerry Mobile announced this week that a new phone - complete with a physical keyboard and dubbed the “Mercury” - will debut Feb. 25 at the annual Mobile World Congress trade show. That follows hard on the heels of an announcement from Nokia, which teased the Chinese launch of its new Nokia 6 phone ahead of a larger Feb. 26 launch event.

Nokia's much-anticipated comeback smartphone, the Nokia 6, was unveiled earlier this month without much fanfare. The smartphone will be going on sale next week in China. The company confirmed the news in a Facebook post.

"Get ready! The Nokia 6 is coming to China! More announcements to follow on February 26th... Save the date!", the post said.

Five years after burying the hatchet with Apple, Nokia’s back at it again. The one-time phone-making juggernaut announced this week that it’s ready to go back to court in a big way, filing multiple lawsuits aimed squarely at Cupertino.

The company celebrated the filings with a press release detailing the claims, which stem from 32 patents related to a wide range of related technologies, including software, video coding, chipsets, display, UI and antenna, among others — from the sound of it, just about everything apart from the big shiny Apple logo on the back of the iPhone.

This concept was given by Nokia and was featured in The Museum of Modern Art and the Design and The Elastic Mind exhibition.

The Morph concept device is a bridge between highly advanced technologies and their potential benefits to end-users. Developed by NRC (Nokia Research Center) in collaboration with the Cambridge Nanoscience Centre (United Kingdom), Morph is a concept phone that using nanotechnology which enables materials and components that are flexible, stretchable, transparent and remarkably strong. Users should be able to transform their cell phone into different shapes.

When was the last time when any of you used a Nokia handset? Ummm…. We know it’s been quite some time! But for those of you who have been thinking about where is ‘Nokia’… we have good news. According to recent reports, Nokia is returning to the smartphone market. Microsoft recently announced it’s offloading of Nokia’s old feature phone business to a Foxconn subsidiary and a Finnish company called HMD Global Oy.


Nokia has announced plans to acquire Withings — a French consumer electronics company focusing on digital health products — for €170 million ($191 million) in cash. The acquisition will significantly boost Nokia's portfolio of wearables and fitness devices, bringing Withings products such as its Activité smartwatch, E-ink fitness tracker, and Bluetooth thermometer into Nokia's advanced technologies division.

Earlier this week, messaging service WhatsApp celebrated its seventh anniversary with its one billion active users, but the team waited until Friday night to bury some less positive news: the app will soon be discontinued on BlackBerry and Nokia devices running those company's operating systems.

This review is aimed to introduce the best models of Qi wireless chargers for smartphones. Some of them are suitable for different smartphones, others fit not fully, while some of them may not suit at all.




LG WCP-300

This charger is considered to be the smallest one in the world – its diameter is only 7cm and width is 12mm. The indicator displays when the battery is fully charged.




LG WCP-700

The device is remarkable for its thin design – it’s less than 10 mm width. It features a LED- and audio indicators. Audio signal may not be switched off. The charger is ringed in plastic and the bottom is made of rubber that keeps things nicely in place.




Energizer Dual Inductive Charger

This wireless device is optimized for three charges, while one of them shall be connected by USB-port. A battery status is displayed by mini monitors.




ZENS Single Wireless Charger

Being quite pricey, it comes in black or white. This charger has a clever technology in order to save power – once it’s charged, the system shuts down automatically. 




ZENS Dual Wireless Charger

With this charging pad you can charge two smartphones at the same time. There’s also a USB port in case you need to charge the third device. Once all the devices are charged, the system also shuts down automatically.



Duracell Powermat

Duracell is a small and efficient charger for one smartphone, though there’re models designed for two or three smartphones. It comes in black or white.



Duracell Powermat 24-Hour Power System

The device allows to recharge a battery within 24 hours. It includes a phone case and a portable backup battery. For now the Power System is most useful for iPhone 4 and 4s and Samsung Galaxy S3 owners.




Nokia DT-900 wireless charging plate

This accessory by Nokia is meant to work with the Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 but other Qi-smartphones could be compatible, too. It comes in 5 colours.




Nokia DT-901

Nokia surprises with unusual design of Nokia DT-901. The so called “charging pillow” charges a smartphone wirelessly. It comes in black, red and blue.




Nokia DT-910

In comparison with Nokia DT-901this device allows to use your smartphone during charging: listen to music, talk to friends or surf the Internet.



Oregon Scientific Time & Wireless Charging Station QW201

In addition to being a full-fledged radio alarm clock, this gadget features a thermometer and a charging pad for Qi-enabled phones. It delivers 5 watts of power. 

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Microsoft Discontinues Nokia Smartphones

Production of the last Nokia smartphone – Nokia Lumia 830 was discontinued. Microsoft Devices has stopped its supplies to the factory stores. These smartphones on the shop-windows should be replaced by Lumia 735, Lumia 640 XL or Windows version of HTC One M8 depending on the region.
Bears reminding that Lumia 830 was considered one of the best Windows smartphones so far. This coherent and interesting model powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor had 5 inches HD-Screen, 1 GB RAM and 10 MP camera.