HI-TECH НОВОСТИ с #animals хэштегом

Ever wonder what life would look like if you were literally a fly on the wall? Or, better yet, a dragonfly in the forest? Actually seeing the world through another's eyes is still very much science fiction, but thanks to advances in virtual reality, you can come close.

On January 15th, two unseen assailants disabled the engines of an Airbus 320, sending it crashing into the Hudson River. Thanks to the design of the airplane, the heroic work of the pilot, and luck, everyone on board the flight survived. The assailants perished in the crash, and the whole affair was dubbed “The Miracle on the Hudson.” Was it foul terrorists that conspired against an airliner, hurtling drones to destroy the craft? No, it was geese, migrating in the wrong place at the wrong time.