HI-TECH НОВОСТИ с #forest хэштегом

Ever wonder what life would look like if you were literally a fly on the wall? Or, better yet, a dragonfly in the forest? Actually seeing the world through another's eyes is still very much science fiction, but thanks to advances in virtual reality, you can come close.

A lush new forest will soon take root in Lausanne, Switzerland—but it won’t be growing in the direction you’d expect. Stefano Boeri Architetti just won a competition to create the world’s second “vertical forest” in the city’s Chavannes-Près-Renens. The stunning residential tower will be covered with hundreds of trees and shrubs that will filter air pollution, produce oxygen, protect against the urban island island effect, and even promote biodiversity.

Leave the breadcrumbs at home, folks, because just this week, a group of researchers in Switzerland announced the development of a drone capable of recognizing and following man-made forest trails. A collaborative effort between the University of Zurich and the Dalle Molle Institute of Artificial Intelligence, the conducted research was reportedly done to remedy the increasing number of lost hikers each year.