HI-TECH НОВОСТИ с #planets хэштегом

The European Southern Observatory — an international research organization that champions ground-based astronomy — plans to turn one of its giant telescopes into an even more superior planet hunter. Specifically, the organization’s Very Large Telescope, or VLT, in northern Chile is getting a hardware upgrade, so that it can better search for planets around the stars of Alpha Centauri, the closest star system to Earth. Located just over 4 billion light-years away, the triple-star Alpha Centauri system could be home to unseen, habitable planets — the closest possible places for life to exist outside our Solar System. If such worlds exist, ESO believes that VLT will be able to directly image them, by enhancing one of the telescope’s main instruments.

Stunning, but the reason is very similar to the appearance of crack in the paint and in dry mud.  sizes.

According to a Duke theorist, it is but natural that the objects in the universe vary widely in size and mass. Starting from a very large star to the smallest dust motes, everything was formed following the theory of formation of cracks in the paint when it dries.