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Any technology worth its silicon chips is born out of the desire to solve a problem. The spark which prompted the Sentinel Robotic System just happens to be more tragic than most.

“In July last year, there were two specific instances that really pushed us to develop this device,” Vaibhav Tadepalli, a researcher at Duke University, told Digital Trends. “On July 6, Philando Castile was shot during a traffic stop in front of his girlfriend and four-year-old daughter. Then, two days later, officer Michael Flamion was shot as he approached a vehicle during another traffic stop.”

assistant, whose seemingly ubiquitous nature means a lot of these devices now have a voice. First comes conversation, then comes an emotional attachment. As the show progressed, the lines between a robot and smart device blurred, hinting at a big future for the prospects of robots in your home.

But what makes a robot? Does a voice assistant such as Amazon's Alexa, found in LG's Hub Robot, automatically count? Does it need human features? I talked to exhibitors at the show to get their take.

Dmestic robots are sort of here, with self-driving and speakers that control your smart home, but Mayfield Robotics’ Kuri could be the first real home robot, combining mobility and true interaction with approachable, friendly design.

Mayfield Robotics is a startup fully owned and funded by Bosch, with a team of co-founders that have extensive experience in the field of robotics, but also in interaction design and machine learning. Their first product is Kuri, an intelligent home robot making its official debut at CES this year, with pre-orders beginning in the U.S. and a target ship date of sometime during the holidays in 2017.

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When you mention South Korean tech companies, the name Hankook Mirae Technology isn't the first to come to mind. But on Tuesday, the company made its 13-foot 1.5-ton manned robot, the Method-1, take a step -- as shown in the YouTube video above.

The robot would be more accurately described as a large robot powered-suit. As reported by The Telegraph, a pilot sits inside the robot's torso to make limb movements, which are mimicked by the robot.

Robot surgery. Da Vinci the robot surgeon performs minimally invasive surgery (MIS) on a patient's heart. The surgical tools are on the ends of the robot arms. These are controlled remotely by a surgeon who views a live three-dimensional image of the operation site from an endoscope on one of the robot arms. MIS excludes the large open incisions associated with classical surgery, reducing pain, convalescence period and the risk of infection. The da Vinci system allows precise control of surgical tools through incisions just 1cm wide, with greater control than manual MIS procedures. Da Vinci was designed by Intuitive Surgical Incorporated, based in California, USA.

If you're tired of lonely drives and pine for a 10cm-tall companion that could sit in your Prius' cup holder, well, does Toyota ever have the product for you. The world's biggest car company will sell its Kirobo Mini robot, first announced at last year's Tokyo Motor Show, sometime in 2017 for 39,800 yen in Japan — about $400.

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The cumbersome bank run just got a shot of spice added to the mix with ‘Pepper’, the new artificial intelligence robot that will roll its way into the foyer of several branches of Emirates NBD.

Pepper will also make his appearance at the bank’s marketing and promotional events in the UAE, interacting with customers to understand visitation needs and present products and services alternatives in an engaging way, assisted by the bank’s staff.

The very same roboticist behind the creepy snake robot is back with something new, but of the same variation- this time it’s a robot that you’re supposed to willingly let slither into your mouth.

Robots are friends! Or at least, at Haneda Airport if you see one of the little buddies above, you can feel confident approaching it and ask it it for help. The Hitachi EMIEW3humanoid robot begins its first proof-of-concept tests at the major international airport in Tokyo today, opening in Passenger Terminal 2 and providing helpful info to travellers in both English and Japanese.

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A silicone robot completely free of electronic parts may sound futuristic, but that’s exactly whatresearchers at Harvard University have created. Based on the shape and motion of the octopus, the “octobot” is the world’s first completely soft robot, and its motion is completely autonomous.